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It Actually Works

July 1, 2010

Never to waste a thing, the hoarder in me kept a box of hardened brown sugar, whereas a more sane person would have chucked it.  Whenever I needed some brown sugar, I would have to chisel off a chunk and hope for the best, a total pain.  I’ve tried other tips like sprinkling water on the clump of sugar and microwaving it, but it hardly helped.  In Real Simple, I had read that a few marshmallows in a jar would help to soften the sugar.  Unsure of the science, yet intrigued, it couldn’t hurt to try and it cost nothing.  It totally worked, the sugar was as pliable as the day that I bought it.  Sometimes it works out for a hoarder.

Better Juice

December 11, 2008


Part I:  According to the Gourmet Magazine test kitchen, you can get more juice from a lemon or a lime if you halve the lemon pole to pole, rather than through its diameter.  It seems so counterintuitive since the notches on the juicer correspond to the segments of the fruit, a design intended to get into the nooks and crannies.  I don’t know what it is, but when I tried it, there was twice as much juice this new and improved way.

img_2587 img_2588 img_2589

Part II:  With a hand held squeezer which functions like a clamp, which way do you place the bisected lemon half?  Face up so that the dome bears down on the soft fruit?  Or face down, so that the dome turns the half inside out to get out all the juice.  When I tried both, it was pretty much a tie, the inside out way is just a little more fun.