Not So Know It All


What is there to know about Saffron Asparagus Orzo?  The tweeted recipes in the New York Times has provided me the opportunity to learn more about what I’m cooking beyond the 140 characters provided, a bit of backstory to fill out the brief jottings.  In the case of this orzo, it seemed pretty self-explanatory and clear, no additional research would be needed.  Brown the orzo in butter and garlic; add saffron and stock; add asparagus; add parmesan.  I followed, I flailed, a little.  I browned the orzo a little too much.  There was too much stock to orzo, by the time it was cooked through, it was still too soup-y.   The asparagus became overcooked while I waited for the liquid to cook down.  While this endeavor seemed like a no-brainer, it became more of a lesson in attention to detail.  Not that the final results weren’t still good, it’s quite delicious.  Even with the gaffes, imagine how good it could be?


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