A Boom With a View


Last Friday’s afternoon adventure was a walk on the new addition of the High Line with lunch at The Lot, the food truck endpoint at 30th Street.  As expected, the High Line was gorgeous and cool in an only in New York way.  Snaking between buildings, evidence of old tracks, and all the greenery, exhibits the multi-tiered layers that I love about New York.  Best of all, you don’t notice that you’re walking 15 blocks.

There was less to love about The Lot.  Our plan to have lunch at many of the food trucks was thwarted with Taim and the Taco Truck being out of order.  Only Rickshaw Dumplings had something savory and substantial, and they were mostly sold out.  In the blazing heat, I succumbed to Kelvin Natural Slush Co.’s tiny peach ginger slushie, refreshing, but overpriced.

In our wander back downtown, we stopped at the Boom Boom Room on top of The Standard Hotel.  Since it was largely empty before 6pm, we brazenly took a table with a view, ignoring the “reserved” sign at the sunken banquette.  Facing south and west towards downtown and the Hudson, this view does not get old.  It took my breath away to walk into the spacious high vaulted room surrounded by the open views and anchored by a twisting helix at the bar.  Stunning.

The topper is the bathroom.  Through the hall of mirrors, any of the unlabeled doors lead to an airplane sized bathroom.  Compact, in reflective shiny black, it is walled by windows, so you can make your business with a view, or express how you really feel about this town.

Needless to say, the drinks are terrible, overpriced ($20!), and cloying sweet.  “Snacks” at $7 is a trio of pistachios, beet chips, and surprisingly delicious gin and tonic-like olives.  The Boom Boom Room isn’t for drinking, but looking longingly at the city you love.


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