Amo Philadelphia

When I think of Philadelphia, I don’t really think about Mexican food.  There is Jose Garces’ new Latin cuisine empire – Distrito, Tinto, Chifa – all destination worthy.  But I didn’t expect to find the best tortillas in recent memory at Tortilleria San Roman, in the heart of the Italian Market.  It makes sense since tacquerias are starting to encroach upon the butcher shops, pasta makers, and Italian importers, so why not good basics, different culture?  The modest tortilleria sells only a few things – corn tortillas, homemade chips, sopas, and huaraches – masters of masa.  The tortillas, sold in kilos and 1/2 kilos, are pillow-y soft, nothing like the cardboard tortillas that I’ve come to expect.  Tortilla chips in 1-quart ziploc bags for $1, are crisp and flaky, making me want more.  I’m planning to stock up como loco on the next trip down.

Tortilleria San Roman

951 S. 9th Street

Philadelphia, PA  19147



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