Sometimes you win, sometimes…


…you lose.  A page from a May 2001 Bon Appetit, had a winner and a loser, both of which came down to the wholeness of the food.  First, the winner was Baba Ghanouj.  The simplicity of roasted eggplant and garlic, good olive oil and freshly toasted cumin is all that is necessary for good baba ghanouj.  But it is slow.  An hour to roast, more than an hour (or in my case, overnight) to cool, toast the cumin, and then finally, puree.  Nothing complicated, just time consuming, the basis for good, honest food.


In the same story, Cooking For Health, there is a recipe for Vegetarian Cassoulet.  Okay, I know buyer beware of the recipe that substitutes veggie breakfast links and garden burgers for pork and duck, but I didn’t think that I would dislike it as much as I did.  All I could taste were chemicals amongst the tomato and beans.  In a slow cooked casserole, the meat substitutes seemed to breakdown into artificial, freezer burned bites.  It bummed me out.  Even reheated in ramekins, sprinkled with breadcrumbs and cheese, it failed to be redeemed.  No fake-o food for me in the future.

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