Spring is here, and summer is near!

With the temperature rising, I am declaratively listing what I’m looking forward to:

-more produce at the farmer’s market – move aside potatoes and onions, the greens are coming, starting with ramps, lettuces, and asparagus

-flowers in bloom -walking the streets, every day gets prettier

-no socks – feet, finally liberated from the tyranny of boots

-Summer Fridays – I am counting the weeks until half day Fridays.  Fine dining for lunch, afternoon adventures, found time.

-longer days – it’s light out when I get up, and light out when I leave work

-barbecues – accepting invites

-strawberries, watermelon, peaches, and cherries – there is no other time to eat them

-stoop sales and the Brooklyn Flea outdoors again – I love the discoveries on my Saturday shuffles

With the upside, there inevitably comes a downside:

-crowds everywhere, especially the farmer’s market


-the subjugation to other people’s feet and their ill-fitting shoes and band-aids

-working through Summer Fridays

-shorter nights and earlier, brighter mornings


-unbearable heat and humidity that makes me long for the chill of winter

-it goes by all too quickly


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