Eat, Pay, Shove – Singapore

Not quite a tale of self-discovery and love, only a small trip to Singapore and Bali.  specifically, we went to Singapore to eat, and Bali to, well, be in Bali.  The two places couldn’t be more dissimilar, down to the food.  Singapore’s food is vivid and varied, I felt like I only ate a tip of its enormous foodie iceberg, and it left me wanting more.  Bali was a different story…to be continued in another posting.  For today, here’s my all too brief hit parade in Singapore:

-Newton Circus – Being in Singapore for less than 36 hours, we went to the most well know hawker stand open late on Saturday night, Newton Circus.  We were not disappointed with our veritable pig out trying a variety of dishes at each specialized stand.  #72 had many of our favorites – the popiah, which is like a moo shu, but better, a freshly made thin-skinned roll of sauteed white radish, hard boiled egg, and some crunch bits, plied with a smear of spicy garlic sauce; expertly charred satay served with a vibrant peanut-chili sauce; and rotisserie wings that were stretched and burnished for smoky, juicy flavor.  #73 changed my mind about oyster omelet from a previous fear of slime to a study of crisp and tender delight.  #28 specialized in carrot cake, which is not carrot but white radish, not unlike the cakes on the dim sum cart, but more of a freestyle, yummy, sauteed mess.  An evening well spent after almost two days of airplane food.

-Killiney Kopitiam – A great way to start the day – kopi and kaya toast.  Kopi is coffee with condensed milk.  Kaya toast is what I consider a butter sandwich – toasted white bread is slathered with coconut jam, which is more like the egg-y custard in an egg tart than coconut, sandwiched together holding a pat of not quite melted butter.  A “plate” is served with soft boiled eggs, which are made in some special machine, topped with soy sauce and white pepper.  Delicious.

Chendol – How I found room to entertain dessert on my last night, I’ll attribute to sheer will.  A snowball of shaved ice hides red beans, corn, and grass jelly in coconut milk.  Dark palm sugar syrup tops the ice, as does the mysterious neon green silly string.  As multi-textured as what I’ve come to expect from Singapore.  And I have yet to have roti, rojak and chili crab.  Something to look forward to next time!


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