Breakfast Crisis, pt. 2

Plodding along with Mark Bittman’s breakfast recipes, I went on to try Polenta “Pizza” with Pancetta and Spinach.  Almost two hours to make a breakfast dish?  Who has that time?  Maybe you could save time by cooking the polenta the night before, spreading it out and chilling it overnight, but I have even less foresight.  Besides, there still involves baking the polenta for a half hour, sauteing onion and pancetta, and then spinach separately, assembling it all with a layer of gorgonzola with a quick two minute bake to melt the cheese.  A lot of work for the first meal of the day, I can barely do the last step at that time.

But is it ever worth it.  Golden polenta as sunny as scrambled eggs, crisps beautifully to provide a plain backdrop to the tangy, smoky, juicy toppings.  I loved it as a quick dinner, reheated in the toaster oven with an egg cracked over it.  My breakfast dilemma hasn’t been solved, but I found a new go to dinner.


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