Mucho Mac

It’s Friday night, I’m walking to the G train from a work event in the outskirts of Greenpoint.  The desolate neighborhood goes from deserted warehouses where no one can hear you scream to single family homes where a few people can hear you scream.  Nary a Korean deli in sight, a sure sign of civilization.  But shining like a beacon (and smelling like bacon) at 10:30pm is the little takeout joint, Brooklyn Mac.

Offering a variety of macaroni and cheese and salads only, it confirms that one only needs the sides for a meal.  Each mac combo is named after a Brooklyn neighborhood incorporating different cheeses and fillings, like the Red Hook, which is bacon and smoked gouda.  I added caramelized onions to create my neighborhood, not on the menu.  Brooklyn Mac steps up the game by baking it all in a pie tin covered in bread crumbs, creating a pleasing ratio of crunchy crust to creamy insides with the increased surface area.  With nowhere to sit, the anticipation of eating my freshly baked macaroni cheese was killing me, the G train couldn’t take me home fast enough.  It lived up to expectation, but the crusted on baked bits stuck to the pan was a bit of a killjoy, I wanted every bite.

Brooklyn Mac

77 Norman Avenue at Manhattan Avenue

Greenpoint, Brooklyn


G to Nassau


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