Breakfast Casserole

Years ago,  I had a breakfast casserole at a post-wedding brunch which I haven’t been able to get out of my mind.  Chunks of bread bound together with egg, sausage, and cheese, it was a savory bread pudding for breakfast in a chafing dish.  I’ve longed for it so much that I kept this recipe from a Saveur past, which would seem to be a reasonable facsimile, hoping to recreate that dish in Dallas.

Surprisingly, it was not.  This breakfast casserole was more like a souffle.  Made with cubes of crustless white sandwich bread, soaked with a custard of eggs and milk, the body of the casserole became fluffy and hydrated.  Any trace of bread disappeared into the buoyancy of the custard.  Yummy, especially with the sausage and cheese, but not what I wanted.  I would probably like it more with a sturdier country bread for more substance and structure.  More like bread pudding.  Or more like stuffing.


One Response to “Breakfast Casserole”

  1. gmomj Says:

    I’ve had a recipe like this. Soft and moist. Quite delicious.

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