My Top 10 Cookies

After investing and analyzing the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie, I thought that I’d compile my Top Ten, in appreciation of the fine art of cookie making:

-Ruby et Violette’s chocolate chip with violet – in my mind the masters of chocolate chip cookies.  Small and pricey, witht he perfect butteriness and slightly chewy texture so that no crumb goes to waste.  Available in may variations to the classic including blueberry, mint, and my favorite, violet, a truly unique treat.

-Big Booty Bakery’s peanut butter – big and chewy dotted with chunks of not just chocolate or peanut butter, but peanut butter cups.  It’s a win-win situation of tender cookie enrobing gobs of chocolate and peanut butter in a tasty Mobius strip of flavor.  Until it’s gone.

-Bread Shop oatmeal chocolate chip – whenever my good friend from Boston would visit, I would make her bring these mammoth cookies.  More than my love for chocolate chip cookies, is my love for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  Oats add an extra dimension of flavor and texture, balancing the sweetness of the chocolate.

-Baked’s monster cookie – it’s everything that I love – oats, chocolate, M&Ms, and peanut butter – and it is surprisingly flourless.

-City Bakery’s vegan chocolate chip – a little lighter than their ur-chocolate chip,  I’m not sure why I like it more, but I do.

-Billy’s butterscotch gingerbread – almost an inverted chocolate chip with a dark flavorful cookie surrounding lighter butterscotch chips.  So nicely done.

-Bread Alone’s oatmeal butterscotch coconut cookie – a harmony of hearty oatmeal, creamy butterscotch and toothsome coconut.  It almost feels healthy, but it can’t be for how good it tastes.

-Momofuku’s cornflake marshmallow – I almost think of this as a marshmallow treat in cookie form. Instead of rice krispies, there’s cornflakes, which give a better toothy grind.  The cookie batter merely holds it together.

-Amy’s Bread cornmeal lime – not quite cornbread in a cookie, but better.  I do love the cornmeal grittiness.  Lime adds a piquant edge.

-Bouchon’s oatmeal cookie – yes, they’ve elevated the Oreo and the Nutter Butter, but I love the perfection of their oatmeal cookie.  Dense, spiced with cinnamon, and decked out in nuts and cranberries, it’s a crowning acheivement in oatmeal cookies.

*Honorable mention – William Greenberg Jr.’s black and white cookie – I consider a good black and white cookie to be more like cake than a cookie, something that reminds me more of a leftover cake top economically dressed with a fondant.  In most delis, it’s stale and horrible, I have to go all the way up to the Upper East Side for the good ones.

Having read Serious Eats’ chronicles in search of the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in New York City, I am inspired and drooling, and want to try all the winners.  Especially since my list doesn’t seem to have the classic.  Maybe that will change.


One Response to “My Top 10 Cookies”

  1. gmomj Says:

    Good cookies! But you have to try mine!!!

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