Cookie Monster

I can honestly say that cookies are my sweet of choice.  I will take them over ice cream, cake, and candy any day.  Notoriously so, that when I left a job, I got a giant going away cookie, not a cake.  When I clipped the perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe from the July 9, 2008 New York Times, I couldn’t wait to try it.  And the time has come.  I just wish I read the accompanying article when I made them.

The key to the recipe is letting the dough rest for 24 to 36 hours for a rich flavorful cookie, and salt.  They were tasty and buttery, but hard and brittle.  Was the dough too dry?  Was the oven temperature too high?  Did they cook for too long?  I consulted Cook’s Illustrated prior which suggested rotating the pan at the half way mark for more even doneness.  I looked for the “glisten” for doneness.  I thought I did everything right.

I had made a few judicious adjustments to the recipe.  First, I substituted the requested bread flour with regular all-purpose flour.  Second, I used regular sized chocolate chips instead of the jumbo sized feves.  Third, I made the cookies small, instead of the 5-inch disks indicated by the recipe, since I prefer to eat a little rather than a lot.  What I didn’t realize until I read the article again afterwards, is that the size of the cookie made all the difference in the world.  These are meant to be big ass cookies that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, a different creature all together.  As a tiny petite cookie, it doesn’t get that opportunity for the best of both worlds, and yes, it was overbaked.  I’l just have to test them again.  Darn.


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