Star Studded Cooking

A million years ago, in a galaxy far, far away, one of the first cookbooks that I bought was a Celebrity Cookbook.  More for its kitsch value than the recipes themselves, and a fetching price at the used bookstore, I did cook a little from it, most notably William Shatner’s Carrot Vichyssoise, a pureed potato leek and carrot soup.  Filled with 80’s celebrities like OJ Simpson, Monty Hall, and Princess Di, this spiral bound relic is a compilation of recipes that were requested by the writer, who blindly sent thousands of letters to celebrities asking for their favorite recipes and a publicity photo.  The book writes itself, much like an elementary school PTA fund raising cookbook.

In the not so distant past, I bought another celebrity cookbook from the 80s at a garage sale for $1.  Much more editorialized, this cookbook is a collection of Johna Blinn’s syndicated cooking with the stars column.  Surprisingly there is no overlap.  William Shatner gave his Steak Picado recipe, which I have yet to try.  Apparently there are as many celebs that cook, as there are stars in the sky.

My most prized possession is Vincent Price’s cookbook, A Treasury of Great Recipes.  Known as an epicure, this cookbook brings to the reader the finest food from his travels around the world.  Brief descriptions of the restaurants from where he procured the recipes, helpful equivalent tables, calorie counts, and a napkin folding tutorial, he shares the fine dining experience with the home cook.  A true star with a palate of gold.

Fast forward to the current day, and my grocery store impulse buy, People’s Cooking With the Stars!  I am powerless to resist this confection, like I am with every Thanksgiving’s Sexiest Man Alive.  It’s fun, it’s campy, and I actually would try to make Justin Timberlake’s Granny’s Coconut Cake.  There is also a gallery of celebrity cookbooks past, and I wonder, why don’t I have Dolly Parton’s Dolly’s Dixie Fixin’s in my collection?


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