Brilliant Brazilian Seafood Stew

I’m starting to hit the seafood stash in my hoarder files with the second recipe for chowder/gumbo that I’ve blindly picked out since January.  From the March 1999 Bon Appetit comes the Brazilian Seafood Stew which I got from  Having made Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo recently, I can nimbly shell shrimp in minutes, not bothering to devein them, an extra time suck step that is inconsequential for medium size shrimp.  I’ve honed my eyes and taste buds to know when a fish stew is “done”, which is usually twice as long as those “easy” recipes will indicate.  I feel like I’m learning through repetition in quick succession.

This recipe is interesting for its pre-curing of the fish, not unlike ceviche.  Matter of fact, I got this recipe because I had some ceviche that I wanted to re-invigorate with new life.  Also of interest is the addition of coconut milk to give the stew body.  Green bell peppers add a bit of earthy smokiness for more intrigue.  It’s quite good (and takes twice as long to cook than indicated).  In the future, I would add some of the fish at the end of cooking for some bigger chunks of fish, add a little more coconut milk, and a squirt of lime in the end for brightness.  A winner.


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