First order of the New Year – pruning the recipe file.  Before I cook my first meal of 2011, I want to get rid of redundancy.  Like choosing the winning Lotto number from a basket, I actually enjoy  randomly picking out a recipe from this mass of clutter.  Chalk it up to the element of surprise and the dopamine effect.  But I have picked too many things that I have no interest in cooking now.

I plucked out recipes that I already know how to cook, but might not of when I clipped them a century ago, like Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Olive and Goat Cheese.  Recipes that were too non-sensically exotic and fussy were banished, like Hen Braised in Tomatillo Puree (an 18 month old hen? really?).  I got rid of cocktails because I don’t drink at home.  Out went randomly scribbled ingredients that I was supposed to know what it made.  And why do I have a recipe for Grilled Taleggio Sandwich with Apricots and Capers when I don’t even like apricots?  Hmm, maybe I’ll keep it and substitute figs…

I kept an inordinate number of vegetable and fish recipes, since if I’m going to cook, I should cook more healthy than not, especially since I’m such a sinner when I go out to eat.  I like a compelling challenge so there are a few marathon doozies.  I tried to be judicious with sweets.  In the end, I purged a little, not a lot, making me want to cook more and hoard less.



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