It’s been another year in The Littlest Kitchen!  A year ago, I was hoping to get on to a second phase of renovations, but alas, paying off debt and living it up a little has taken precedence.  The slow road of budgeting has been effective, and I think that I’ll be debt-free by tax time as long as Christmas doesn’t kill me.  No regrets on the great meals and great places that I’ve been to this year.  More fun, more savings, less stuff.

This year, I’ve also rediscovered my hoarder files to find that a) New York and its surroundings are an ever evolving being that doesn’t necessarily exist after it’s been written about 10 years ago; and b) recipes are imperfect and some time suck.  The randomness of following different recipes has been a great way to learn how to cook, defining what I like to eat and how to fix it.

In the upcoming year, I’d like to clean house a bit.  I’ll thin out the files and weed out what I know I don’t want to cook instead of needlessly hanging on to the past.  I’d also like to re-evalualte what I do and don’t need in the kitchen, like do I really need dried avocado leaves from 1998?  All in the interest of being a better and more efficient cook in 2011.


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