Simply Bad

From the same article on Beans in the March 2010 Real Simple as the Black Bean Soup, I also tried the Black-Eyed Peas with Bacon and Escarole.  My favorite combination of cooked greens, beans and smoky fatty bacon, it had to be a win win win win situation.  Except, somehow, this tasted like dirt.  To single out the culprit, I tried the escarole which was thoroughly soaked and washed –  I usually wash my greens by soaking them in a bowl of water, letting the sediment sink to the bottom, and rehydrating any limp leaves via osmosis.  Not it.  The black eyed peas didn’t taste particularly dirty, but there was a vaguely mineral taste, possibly it needed to be cooked longer than the 3 minute warming time, or is it the pitfalls of canned?  Needless to say, I wasn’t crazy about  this dish, especially having made better versions of this combination with white beans, tomato and kale.  Am I being overly critical, comparing it to prior successes?  Is it a bad recipe?  Bad ingredients?  Bad execution?  Simply bad.

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