Real Average

What I found appealing about this recipe for Black Bean Soup from the March 20101 Real Simple was the union of black beans and beer.  I’ve made many black bean soups in the past and have never quite mastered beer and beans.  Also intriguing was the roasted jalapeno salsa, which is always attractive at the supermarket, but I’ve never tried to make at home.  And all this could be made in 35 minutes?

It did not take 35 minutes, more like an hour (an episode of This American Life).  I’m a slow chopper and I let the soup cook longer than directed.  It also took longer to broil the jalapeno pepper in the toaster oven.  But overall, it was easy with a nice black bean mashing at the end.

With this kind of simplicity comes a lack of depth.  The salsa added a lot of heat, and the soup could have used some sour cream or yogurt.  It’s okay.  I’ve preferred versions that I made in the past with chipotle pepper or coconut milk.  The super spicy salsa became a great guacamole, especially in a fish taco.  Real simple, yes.  Make again, no.

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