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Thanks for Thanksgiving

November 30, 2010

Faced with the prospect of Thanksgiving alone, I ran with it.  All the way to Flushing.  Weeks of socializing and work had left me wanting time to myself.  On this holiday that brings friends and family together, I wasn’t sad to be alone, I was excited.

My destination for the holiday was Spa Castle – a multi-level Korean pool and sauna extravaganza.  Boasting outdoor and indoor pools, different kinds of saunas in “sauna valley”, and treatments galore, it was a spa theme park.  Like a vacation getaway, it was far from my regular milieu, and entailed a long trip on two trains and their free shuttle bus.  Upon arrival, this well run machine provided a “uniform” and a digital wristband, which indicated your lockers and tracked your spending, making money unnecessary.  You are freed of all possessions and burdens.  I enjoyed jumping from sauna to sauna with different specialties like salt, jade, gold, LED light; taking breaks in between with my book, appropriately enough, Bill Buford’s Heat.  The pools were all at a comfortable bath water 95 degrees with optional whirlpool massage jets.  Outside had a 104 degree hot tub, the best place to be in crappy weather, I wished there was snow on the ground.  But my favorite place in Spa Castle was the “sleeping area”, a partitioned corner which had a heated floor to lie down on – nap heaven for adults.

After four hours, completely relaxed and elated, I had Thanksgiving dinner at Jang Tuh, where the shuttle dropped off on 37th Avenue.  Instead of turkey, I got bibim bap with all the trimmings.  A perfect holiday.