Newfound Nigella


In an effort to work through my horde of recipes, most of them from the New York Times, I’m finding that I like Nigella Lawson’s recipes the most.  A triple hitter from March 2, 2005 is an Indian inspired meal of Red Lentil Dal, Bright Rice, and Cucumber and Cilantro Raita.  I’ve made a lot of Indian food in the recent past, and a lot more raita, so I was impressed with this harmonious combination.  The dal was thick, stew-y, and sweet with chunks of sweet potato and tomato.  Bright rice provided the structure dotted with chickpeas, perfumed with spices and orange bell pepper.  Raita tied it all together, a creamy savory surprise.  After my raita run, I thought that I knew everything about raita.  Nigella’s version with scallions and cilantro elevated the “relish”.  Maybe it’s time to get her cookbook.


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