Crazy for Corn


I have been crazy for this summer’s corn.  For the past four weeks, I’ve been buying the five for $2 special at my local farmer’s market, and I have yet to be disappointed.  I feel for fat, chunky ears – passing the bony ones – a trick that I picked up from another market goer who didn’t even look at them as he was picking.  I’m usually able to share my bounty with others, but this week, I had to find a way to use all five ears of corn on my own.

A change of cooking technique was one way to keep my interest piqued.  Roasted corn from an old old issue of Real Simple provided an alternative to my standard boiled corn.  Not as easy as throwing the ears in a pot of boiling water, this entails pulling out all the corn silk without removing the husks, tucking in bits of butter and herbs, tying the ears with twine and roasting them at 450 degrees for 25 minutes.  The problem?  If this summer wasn’t hot enough, a roasting oven makes it hotter.  The result is slightly smokier, with surprising pockets of butter and herbs.  The kernels are full and bursting, not dried out in the least.  It’s tasty with a pretty presentation, great for guests, but not enough to make me change my ways on my own.

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