Corn and Buttermilk

Whenever I pull from my files, I wonder why I kept the clipping in the first place.  How is the recipe interesting to me?  What sets it apart from others?  The ingredients?  The technique?  The combination?  These two recipes which marry corn and buttermilk in the form of mashed potatoes and cornbread from the November 16, 2006 New York Times, mystify me as to why I kept them.  Even though I love mashed potatoes and cornbread, I don’t need to know how to enable a fattening habit.


I’m guessing that the appeal of Mashed Potatoes with Corn and Chives is that it’s not that fattening and they’re easy to make.  Lowfat buttermilk substitutes for butter and full fat milk, enhanced with poached garlic, corn, and chives.  A little bland, it screams for butter for that mouth watering taste that I associate with mashed potatoes.  Butter, I gave it, to take it to the next level – potato pancakes.  Fried to a golden brown and topped with a fried egg and hot sauce, I didn’t look back at its former self.


On the other hand, Cornbread with Corn and Cheese is 100% indulgence.  Not just buttermilk, but olive oil, cheddar cheese and butter keep the cornbread moist to almost a fault.  Fresh out of the oven, it struck me as bland, again, but toasted a day later, its features shone through – tangy cheese, grainy cornmeal, and chunks of creamed corn.  Super toasted for croutons, was its best incarnation, as it never dried out.  

In my edit out process, I’ll keep the fattening cornbread instead of the lowfat mashed potatoes.  Sometimes vice rules over virtue.

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