Beyond Prime

A couple of months ago, on an excursion to Boom Boom Chicken in Fort Lee, we stumbled upon Prime & Beyond, a Korean steakhouse and butcher shop.  The entrance was alluringly displayed with aging cuts of beef in temperature controlled cases and a few takeout items; the dining room had the dark leather booths of a hearty eating establishment.  We had to come back.

Lunch was the time to go with it’s simple, less expensive menu – hamburger, hot dog, steak, and bone soups.  Dinner is meat priced by the pound.  We got to the restaurant just as it was wrapping up lunch, so we had only one choice – steak and rice.  I can’t complain, for $20, my perfectly delicious steak came with rice, a fried egg on top, and salad.  Our young amiable host told us that the steak –  a thin, melt in your mouth piece – was a wet-aged ribeye, compared to their selection of dry-aged steaks, which are “crazy, nutty”.  He’s the butcher; his brother, the restauranteur.

He also informed us that they would be opening a Prime & Beyond in Manhattan in a few months.  I’m happy and sad for the same reason – they’ll be closer.  Steak this good should be more conveniently located, but at the same time, I love that we found this place and it took good effort to get here – train, bus, foot.  We didn’t read about it, or hear about it from anyone, it just looked good and unique.  Of all the restaurants on Main Street, we believed in this one.  And it succeeded.

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