The Meatloaf Menagerie, part 1

It’s not unusual to find in my recipe clippings file, full page of variations of one dish.  Hence, the pancake chronicles, six pancakes in six weeks.  From a 1997 New York Times Magazine, I pull out a meatloaf manifesto.  Now, I like meatloaf, a lot, but not this much, as I am essentially making the whole thing, and eating the whole thing.  For practical purposes and lack of equipment (no Dutch oven, no food processor), I only make two of the four – Choucroute Loaf and Bill Blass’s Meatloaf.


The Choucroute Loaf is everything that I like about meatloaf  – it’s easy to make, it uses up random leftovers, it’s light, it’s fluffy, it tastes good.  It is made sweet with chopped apples and applesauce, and made savory with smoked ham, rye bread crumbs, and horseradish.  I almost don’t mind eating the whole thing, especially over a bed of spinach for a more heathy meal.


Bill Blass’s Meatloaf was the opposite experience.  Practically the $50 meatloaf, I had to buy everything new, including twice the volume of meat and the wild goose chase to find Heinz Chili Sauce.  The bacon on top became a grease bomb in my oven, splattering fat everywhere, ensuing a four day clean up.  And the result?  Eh, a slightly glorified hamburger, dense and kind of bland.  Everything that I don’t like about meatloaf.


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