The Queen of Queens

The subway adventure this month brings me back to Flushing in search of Bori Gogae, a Korean takeout mentioned in the Times a few years back.  The problem with keeping such old clippings is that after a few years, these places may not exist anymore.  Such is the case of Bori Gogae.  Traveling almost an hour to get to my lunch destination to see it gone, is disappointing to say the least, but it frees me up to be impulsive and to try new places.  Or act out of desperation.  Lunch at a dollar dumpling place near where Bori Gogae once stood was mediocre, not a newsworthy destination.


I didn’t want to repeat my journey from a couple of months ago, so I carved a new path, ultimately to the Queens Museum. The main road of discovery was Main Street, from 41st Avenue to the Botanical Garden.  A condensed Silk Road, I venture from Asia to the Middle East in a matter of blocks.  A stop at Traditional Xinjiang Barbecue on the corner of 41st and Main exemplifies that fusion with their $1 cumin-encrusted  kebabs.  Fresh beef, lamb, and chicken skewers are worth the wait of doubled park cars and repeat customers.

On Main Street, there is no lack of Chinese grocery stores, it’s a matter of deciding on which one.  A & N appeared to have good produce and an interesting prepared section.  Beautiful baby bok choy was $1 a pound.  My dim-sum-on-the-run continued with a chive pancake – an oversized dumpling filled with chive, egg, and mung bean noodles.  Still on Main, but off my geographical trail, I stop into the Latin Bakery for the rosquita de queso, my favorite donut shaped cheese bread.  As the Chinese filters out, there becomes more halal butchers and middle eastern grocery stores, the turning point being the Patel Brothers, the Indian super store.

On the way to the Queens Museum, the Western Beef on the corner of College Point Blvd. and Fowler is Central and South America under one roof.  Aisles are figuratively named by country – Brazil, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and mysteriously, Croatia.  I could go spend crazy, but I hold back with the sole purchase of a box of Pacoquinha, a peanut halva candy from Brazil.   I’m overloaded, on my back and in my belly, is this how Marco Polo felt?

New A & N Food Market

41-79 Main Street


Latin Bakery

41-41 Main Street


Western Beef

44-44 College Point Blvd.


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