One of the many things that I love at Korean restaurants is the mixed rice instead of white rice.  Usually a colorful mix of brown rice, red beans, mung beans, etc., it seems so healthful.  Happily, I found an organic 10 grain mix at Han Ah Reum, which also has barley, oat groats, and quinoa.  My cholesterol is lowering as I speak!  It has a grainy, chew-y texture, more substantial than any of the elements on their own.  I like to burn the bottom for a little more crunch and a bit of smoke.  The only drawback is at $10.99 for a 3 lb. bag, health comes at a steep price.

I suppose I could make my own, but what a harmonious mix.  And so much easier to pick up one bag, than ten.  I stumbled across Trader Joe’s Harvest Grains Blend, a combo of Israeli couscous, orzo, red quinoa, and split garbanzo beans.  Hmm, it’s tasty, but let’s face it, this is pasta, not grains.  More so, it’s to be made in stock and butter.  Hardly healthy.


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