On occasion, I enjoy the challenge of making something that one normally would not make.  Like nutella.  Like infused vodka.  Like truffles.  Mark Bittman’s Chocoalte Truffles are as easy as they are impressive.  Simply heavy cream, bittersweet chocolate, and something to coat the sticky wickets, it’s hard to believe that it’s the exotic treat that it is.  The hot cream single handedly transforms the properties of solid chocolate into an almost liquid-y, velvet-y nibble.  The trick is a cold kitchen.  My toasty apartment required multiple refridgerations for the ganache, and not the most perfectly round truffles.

Aside from unsweetened cocoa powder, I improvised the coatings with what was at hand.  The sugar-cinnamon mix from sweet and spicy nuts was reminiscent of a donut.  Shards from brown butter rice krispie treats were surprisingly good, giving a little extra crunch.  Toasted soybean powder, not so good.

Joking with friends, we imagine truffles rolled in Cheez Doodle powder, smashed potato chips, and Pop Rocks.  They could even be infused with malt liquor, Everclear, and RC Cola.  Trashy Truffles are born.

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