Yorkville Express

For as long as I’ve lived in New York, which is a very long time, I’ve never been into exploring the Upper East Side.  It’s boring, staid, moneyed, static – my least favorite qualities about New York.  My experience has been limited to going to museums and leaving.  There’s never been a reason to stay.

On this trip, I made a conscious effort to get to know Yorkville  by way of its thrift/consignment stores and its food.  The thrift/consignment stores down Third Avenue and then 81st Street confirmed my impression of the UES – expensive and boring.  No Gossip Girl cast offs from Serena’s closet, Dorota wouldn’t shop here either.    Housewares were non-existent, nary a discarded Le Creuset in sight.

The UES didn’t win me over with its stores, maybe it could with food.  A former German enclave, there could be glimmers of its old self before Pinkberry took over the neighborhood.  Andre’s, an old school Hungarian bakery and cafe, offers a unique savory and super butter-y cabbage streudel.  A block up, Two Little Red Hens is an outpost of the Park Slope bakery, overflowing with cupcakes and cookies.  Two places worth going to after the museums.  

Winning my heart was Schaller & Weber, the German sausage and import grocery store.  I could be in there for hours, checking out every European product in its tightly packed aisles.  I came home with a bratwurst and bockwurst combo, making for a worthy uptown adventure.


2 Responses to “Yorkville Express”

  1. Frank Says:

    I actually love the Upper East Side. Good on you for exploring an area that you are not so keen on though.

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