Martha’s Meal

Plucked from the files, was a set of Martha Stewart Living cards born of another century (1994!).  A four course square meal, I made the main course and the side – Halibut with Puttanesca Sauce and Roasted Fennel and Potatoes – which is more than enough for me.  


Now that I’ve committed myself to expensive fish, I’m almost done in by halibut’s hefty $23/pound price tag.  I could only afford a fraction of the recipe’s four servings, throwing my measurements into disarray.  I mean, how do I quarter 1/3 cup of parsley?  Throwing fussy measurements aside, I embraced the messy robustness of the puttanesca, creating the quick sauce by eye and proportion.  It was a chance to practice generosity, what I believe the best cooks that I know (you know who you are) do.  More is better in this case, and more is more over my meager pan roasted filet.


The fennel and potatoes were a perfect complement to the fish, balancing the spicy brininess with mellow sweetness and starch.  A neat roasting trick by preheating the roasting pan prior to placing the vegetables on it browns them beautifully.  A nice meal, making it worth hanging on to for 15 years.


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