Saving Beef Satay


From the files, I pulled out a recipe for Malay Beef Satay from a 1998 issue of the New York Times Magazine.  Simple enough to make on a week night, the satay marinates for an hour in spice-infused coconut milk, and broils up in minutes.  That is, if you have the right kind of beef.  The recipe calls for rump steak, or boneless sirloin, and being money-minded, aka cheap, I bought the rump.  Bad idea, it was tough and chewy, the wrong kind of meat for the flash broiling of a satay.  I couldn’t eat it as is.


To redeem the meat, it needed a long stew to soften the tough collagen.  A nice curry to incorporate the spices and braise the beef, should improve matters greatly.  Based on Cook’s Illustrated’s curry recipe, I stewed the beef with potatoes, tomatoes, greens, peas, and more spices.  Forty-five minutes of heat made a world of difference in the beef, making it tender, and, em, edible.


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