Baked Kale


It sounds absolutely uninviting or intriguingly good.  Most of all, completely unexpected.  Dark, cruciferous, rubbery leaves transform into light as air crisps in a 250 degree oven for half an hour.  The trick is to get the kale bone dry, and a light mist of olive oil.  Dehydrated, and almost nori-esque, it’s a healthy alternative to potato chips.

Baked Kale

-preheat oven 250 degrees

-wash and thoroughly dry a bunch of kale, via salad spinner, kitchen towels, whatever it takes

-take out the large stems, leaves can be left in big pieces

-lightly coat kale with olive oil, about 1T, and sprinkle with salt or shichimi togarashi (Japanese seven spice chili)

-spread a single layer of kale on a cookie sheet, bake for 30 minutes, until crisp

-let cool for 5 minutes


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