Glass Attack

I love glass.  If I could, everything in the kitchen would be glass or Pyrex.  It cleans well, it’s not porous, it’s honest.  Problem is, my subconscious doesn’t seem to love glass and I break it more than I should.  This month’s casualties include my french press carafe and my lone glass food container.  I don’t know what’s worse, being coffee-less or poisoning myself with reheated plastic.

Addressing the coffee first, I was happy to find that you can buy the carafe separately at Sur La Table.  I must not be the only unfortunate klutz on the planet.  The carafe was only $14, as opposed to buying a whole new one for $35.  A relief indeed.

The food container was a cheap and easy replacement from Crate and Barrel.  For an object that gets as much handling as my lunch container, I knew that I couldn’t get a precious vintage irreplaceable.  For $1.99, I could crash and carry as many as I want, but only one at a time.

Since I can’t leave Crate and Barrel with only one item, I also bought a second sieve/sifter.   I question my actual need for another sieve, especially when it wasn’t any finer meshed than my current one, and it’s not that smaller.  The one big difference is the concave wide rim that helps to funnel down, really a small detail.  But I want it, because I make tzatziki all the time and need two strainers.  Not a necessity like my glass essentials, but handy nevertheless.


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