The Pancake Chronicles


Digging into the files, I pulled out Mark Bittman’s Pancake Primer from 2006.  Six recipes in all, it took as many weekends to make and eat.  In short:

-Light, Fluffy and Rich Pancakes – and tangy from the zing of lemon zest, loved it – A

-Polenta Pancakes – lacking in big corn taste, which could be because of my imported Italian cornmeal, it also has the extra step of cooking the cornmeal first – C

-Baked Pancake – smelled heavenly while baking due to the vanilla.  Not as puffy and airy as a Dutch Baby, a little disappointing – C-

-Everyday Pancakes – the ideal pancake and easy, the melted butter makes it better – A

-Banana Pancakes – the addition of banana tops the archetype, nuts would make it perfect – A+

-Whole-Grain Pancakes – oats make for an interesting texture, but not much in flavor, maybe toasting them ahead of time?  But why make more work? – B-

All were so easy, so quick, and so cheap.  Why is going out for brunch such an ordeal?


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