J’Aime Le Cake Salé


Charmed by the website, I got the Chocoalate & Zucchini cookbook from the library, and have been enchanted since.  Particularly mesmerizing is the cake salé, essentially a quick bread made with sun dried tomatoes, pistachios, and chorizo.  Surprisingly, I had all the ingredients (all of different ages), but had never thought of combining them into a savory loaf.  The process was relatively easy, a simple batter that barely holds the bounty of ingredients together.  Baked for almost an hour, it rises to twice its volume, a torturous game of anticipation as the air fills with the smell of sweet tomatoes and spicy sausage.  Waiting for it to cool, was just as hard, as it looks at you, golden and flecked with green and red.  Finally, when the time came, each bite was salty, tangy, and crunchy.  The only thing better is when it’s toasted.  A great pantry cleaner, I’m looking forward to making more combinations in the larder.


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