Another Year in the Littlest Kitchen


On the second anniversary of The Littlest Kitchen, I get to fine tune the kitchen.  It’s functional, it’s cute, it works for me (or do I work for it?).  Yes, it’s small.  I truly wish that I had more storage for food, pots and pans, and appliances.  Given my natural hoarding tendencies, it may be a good thing to have limited space, especially in the refrigerator, a scienc project in the making.  

Kitchen 2.0 may finally take place next year, based on the accrual of more funds, and being decisive.  Maybe I’ll even finish putting up the vintage cabinet doors.  In planning the kitchen, I thought that all my plans were fixed and would be so for life.  Now, I’m not so sure.  I’ve learned to adapt and embrace change. Options are good, sometimes better than plan A, I’m open to it.  I want to keep evolving and keep cooking.

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