The Trouble with Christmas

Shopping for others, presents the problem of shopping for oneself.   In my Christmas recon, I stopped at Crate and Barrel to replace a foil cutter that I broke at a friend’s.  Not only did I get the replacement foil cutter for her, but I got an oven thermometer, a dish sponge, and a reversible measuring spoon for myself.  All needed in one respect or another.  With Christmas soon arriving, I will need an oven thermometer in Santa’s workshop given that the oven temperature seems off.  The dish sponge at Crate and Barrel is superior to any other sponge that I’ve tried recently.  I can always use extra measuring spoons, so what’s better than one that serves as four?  

The neato factor exceeds my true need for the item which has silicone cups on each end that pop in and out to halve its volume for multiple measurements.  Given the yield of three presents for me to one present for another, Santa should be under house arrest.


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