Two Down, One to Go


With my stringent budget, I’ve killed off the balance of another credit, leaving one big card to go.  It’s taken five months since the first card died, and it’ll take many more to rid myself of the last card, at least another year.  I’m relieved, and quite proud of myself, but I’m starting to feel antsy.  I want to spend, spend, spend!  But isn’t that how I got here in the first place?

I’ve recalculated my budget to see if there was any wiggle room, barely.  Given the guidelines of the 60% plan, which has been working for me this year, I should only spend $150 a week (in cash!), save $75 for unexpected expenses, and use everything else for expenses and debt.  I should set aside 10% in a Roth for the long term expenses – a point further emphasized by Suze Orman (yes, I read her book in a weekend) – but it’s more important to pay off the last card as quickly as possible.  At most, I could probably spare $25/week, which I’d put in the unexpected expenses pot for vacations and the upcoming holidays.   Here’s to a little more fun in my life, and a lot less debt!  I’m going on vacation!

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