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After the overkill of work bake sales, I decided to go savory with the work cocktail party.  I tapped into my 50 cent stoop sale purchase, Party Nuts, for each of its three genres – sweet, salty, and spicy.  Much was based on what I already had in house – the four chiles that I had for killer peanuts; brown sugar instead of white sugared pecans; and then there were the pistachios.  I wanted to use up the pistachios that I had, and ended up buying more exotica – zaatar and almonds.  The combination of pistachios, almonds, zaatar, oregano and sesame was a hit, and the first of the nuts to go.  Such little effort, such big appreciation.

In toasting the nuts, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the oven that’s f-cocted.  The nuts were under baked and not browned at all, unlike a small extra batch that I cooked up in my toaster oven.  I’ll have to take a thermometer to it to see if it’s a matter of temperature compensation, or if it’s a real house call problem.  Nuts!


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