Instead of Wallpaper?

IMG_3368 IMG_3367

At the beginning of the summer, I had seen these vintage shooting targets at the Brooklyn Flea.  Making a mental note, I really liked them, but wasn’t quite sure how they’d fit into the decor.  I hadn’t seen them again all summer, until last weekend, and I jumped, absence having made my heart grow fonder, and desperate.  Now I have a raccoon target, still unsure of its new home.  

I am testing it out on the designated wallpaper wall in the kitchen, and I sort of love it.  The red chinoiserie wallpaper had been universally rejected on that wall by my design council, so I’m open to new possibilities.  The target has a demented old-timey sensibility that goes with the rest of my apartment; the faded ivory paper compliments the color of the vintage cabinet.  One seems a little lonely on the wall, so I’m thinking of a few more displayed salon style for a critter shooting gallery, especially now that I know that I can get them from the vendor online.


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