The Bake Sale

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A charity bake sale at work gave me the opportunity to try out the oven for the first time.  Excited to bake, I realized that I didn’t have any baking pans.  No cookie sheets, cake pans, or muffin tins to speak of, limiting my baking options.  Granted, I could have just run out and buy whatever, but I like to be methodical with what goes in the kitchen.  I do have a few Pyrex pieces –  a loaf pan, a pie pan, and a casserole dish – which forced my decision:  brownies in the 12″ x 8″ casserole dish.  Wanting to make the perfect brownie, I used Cook’s Illustrated’s recipe for Classic Brownies.  Unusual in that chocolate and butter are melted in a large mixing bowl over simmering water, then taken off heat to add in four eggs, one at a time, then the dry ingredients.  I would think that the eggs would cook in the warm bowl, but it probably keeps the brownies extra fudgy.  

The big challenge was the oven.  The brownies took twice as long to cook, which was either because the oven runs at a lower temperature, the pyrex needs a higher temperature, or the size of the pan which is slightly smaller in area, created more cooking volume.  In short, wtf?  The end result was drier than I liked, but tasty nevertheless.

I also tackled the brown butter rice krispie treats again.  This time, I  decreased the rice krispies to six cups, and browned the butter at the lowest temperature possible to to fix the dry and “shattering” problem.  It worked, but in exchange for more gooey-ness, it was more greasy to the touch.  Next time, and there will be a next time, a little less butter.  Viva la bake sale!


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