Un-Gothic Nicoise Salad

IMG_3358 IMG_3359 IMG_3361

I fell in love with the ink black string beans that I saw at the Commodities Natural Market.  So much so that they inspired me to make a gothic nicoise salad based on the Canal House Cooking’s Next to Nil Nicoise Salad.  Black Prince cherry tomatoes and dusky red fingerlings contributed to the dark palette, residing in a briny anchoive and caper vinaigrette, along with olive oil packed tuna and hard boiled egg.

When the time came to blanch the beans, they transformed into normal green beans in the boiling water.  Like Mr. Hyde turning back into Dr. Jekyll, they were washed from their guise.  Sigh.  A disappointment in looks, but not in taste, my salad was sunny and colorful, more Beach Boys than Bauhaus.


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