I Heart KoGro

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When Pomegranate, the kosher grocery store in Midwood, opened last year, we were dying to go.  It’s bound to be like going to a different country, but closer.  What is foreign is not so much the cuisine but the experience of a sparkling new grocery store and genuinely nice service.  Impeccably organized, without a product out of place, a sign of either diligent attention or respectful customers, I am not in New York City.  Adding to the ambience of the store are the wood floors throughout, more welcoming and upscale than the typical white linoleum – a nice touch.

The superstar of the store is the prepared foods.  Cases and cases of any kind of hummus, dip, and mayonnaise based salad imaginable – pesto hummus, leek dip, Tokyo Salad, Hawaii Salad, baba ganouj, etc.  Samples at the deli are encouraged by the friendly staff, a successful ploy that convinces me to buy the melt in your mouth pastrami.

As a store that caters to the family event, I was impressed by the food container aisle which had all varieties of aluminum serving containers (including the half cardboard lids), fancy disposable table settings, and plastic takeout containers.  For $1.99, I was able to get my favorite 2-cup containers, a substitute for Tupperware.  Equally delightful was the aisle of chips which had a a section of snack size bags, making it easy, not risky, to try the falafel flavored chips.

KoGro, I won’t wait another year to come back.


1507 Coney Island Avenue

Midwood, Brooklyn


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