The Lion’s Den


I have proven to myself that I have a will of steel.  Feeling like a reformed alcoholic at an open bar, or a compulsive gambler in a casino, I was put to the test – I went to Woodbury Commons and spent a dollar.  The Chloe store beckoned bargains galore at 90% off, Williams-Sonoma could have outfitted my new oven, Burberry Prosrum could have outfitted me…so much damage could have been done.  But no, I have a budget.  Killjoy.

My sole purchases were from Crate and Barrel, two lids for my glass food container at 50 cents apiece.  Not sold at the regular store, I had to take the opportunity.  When I originally bought the container, my only apprehension was the lid – flimsy and plastic, it was bound to bust before the container, rendering it almost useless.  Now with my spares, I don’t have to worry.  I may not have the $250 Prada shoes, but I have something more useful.

Why go out of the way to tempt myself?  You never know what you’ll find.  And it’ll prepare me for the Barney’s Warehouse Sale.


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