My Wallpaper, My Self


I have been looking for wallpaper to cover the back of the kitchen wall for what seems to be an eternity.  Ideally, I’ve wanted a decorative wallpaper with a little metallic in it.  I’ve looked at abstracts, baroques, pictorials, nature scenes, vintage, and new, keeping a list of resources from my dearly departed Domino.  Nothing has been quite right – too much of a detectable repeat, bad rendering, too flat, not the colors that I want.  Maybe what I want doesn’t exist.

IMG_3217 IMG_3227

Feeling a little defeated on the matter, I never thought that I would get lucky at the flea market.  I found a red hand-painted vintage chinoiserie print with metallic detail, really the wall paper of my dreams.  I did hem and haw for a while, wondering if it was too pictorial for my purposes, ultimately deciding that it could go into the pod, because for $10 I couldn’t afford to let it go.  Trying it out in both areas, I think that I like it best in the kitchen, how it warms up the space, and how it ties in with the vintage cabinet and the red/blue mat.  In the pod, aka my “bedroom”, it sequesters my chinoiserie in one area, or more like against one wall, which I’m not sure if I like.  

IMG_3237 IMG_3238 IMG_3239

For practical purposes, the wallpaper would be ruined if any oil got on it, as a patch test revealed, a strike against having it in the kitchen.  I have a long time to think about it, the hunt for wallpaper was long, but the search for a wallpaper hanger, may be longer.


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