Not My Chicken Soup

IMG_3207 IMG_3208 IMG_3209 IMG_3210

From an ancient pre-century issue of Martha Stewart Living comes Kate’s Lemon Chicken Vegetable Soup.  A chicken soup, for me, is generally a mish mash of what’s about to expire in the fridge or pantry.  I stridently veer from the water-y, salty Campbell’s soup variety of many a disappointing childhood lunches, erring towards excess which becomes something other than chicken soup.  If I was to follow the straight and narrow, my favorite recipe is the Cook’s Illustrated version which is the Cadillac to Campbell’s clunker – a hearty broth and chock full of noodles, chicken and vegetables.  Martha’s/Kates’ version doesn’t seem like a far stretch, if only better with the addition of lemon, herbs, tomato and parsnip – all things that I like.  Unfortunately, it’s not my cup of chicken soup, it’s just too sweet.  More of a function of the parsnips and mint, it’s a bit cloying.  The parsnips were doubly vexing with its spongy texture.  Sorry Martha.  Sorry Kate.


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