Sworn Testimonial



I stumbled across the Chef’n VeggiChop on TheKitchn’s Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets and I’m intrigued.  Somewhere between a SlapChop and a food processor, disguised as a salad spinner, it could be the answer to my small chopping dreams.  Instead of the force of gravity or electricity, the power is drawn from one’s own pull like a string salad spinner.  The more pulls, the finer the chop.  My questions are – how big is it?  how easy does it clean?  does it really work?
Chatting around the water cooler with a co-worker, I found out that she has one, and she loves it.  My questions were answered – it’s about the size of a 4-cup Cuisinart, it cleans up way easier than a blender, and it works brilliantly.  Sold!

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