Ikea Run


With the anticipation of an Ikea run on Saturday afternoon, I restrained my usual fervor at the Flea Market and stoop sales for some long needed (or unneeded) supplies.  For $30, everything that I bought was $3.99 and under.  Three more hermetic jars for the open shelves, more cute paper napkins, slippers, a melon baller (!), an extra set of measuring spoons, a toy for a certain 19 month old, and two pillows for the $1 pillow cases that I got at a stoop sale.  I wanted to get a Grilla pan and the Drommar dual bottom springform pan, but decided to hold of for a little more recon and more funds.  There was also a fancier, chicer version of the SlapChop in stainless steel, but, alas, it did not open up like a butterfly.

My greatest discovery was taking the shuttle to Ikea from Smith-9th Street.  An easy and short ride over, this is an enable extraordinaire to my Ikea addiction.

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