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It took over a year, a minor mental meltdown, and diligent savings, but I finally got my oven.  I have mastered the fine art of procrastination on this one.  In March, I decided that I had enough money to get the oven.  In April, I consulted with an appliance installer who assured me of my decision and to call him when I was ready.  That meeting would require a cabinet fine tuning from my cabinet maker, who told me to call him when the oven arrives.  After a slew of guests in May and June, I purchased the oven which arrived in a matter of days.  My cabinet maker made his adjustments in minutes.  The appliance installer did his thing.  It’s done and it’s August.  I’ve only run it once to burn off the factory smells.  Now that it’s finally summer, it’s too hot to bake.  Maybe I should’ve waited until fall.

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