My New Favorite Place


I’ve taken to going to the Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn with it’s soaring ceilings and more spacious aisles.  But that’s not my new favorite place.  It’s Damascus Bread and Pastry Shop across the street.  A small family run shop since 1930, I am charmed by the specificity and the largesse of the bakery.  Fluffy pita, smoky baba ganouj, fresh feta, and a counter of flaky baklava that goes on forever, it’s just the beginning of the makings of the best urban picnic, even when that picnic is at my desk.  

What I’m having a hard time reconciling is if this Damascus bakery is the same as the brand of pita sold in grocery stores.  Stiff and cardboard-like, it’s hard for me to imagine that they would even be related.  With a quick search on the internet, the two stories match up, of a Brooklyn neighborhood store started in 1930 by Hassan Halaby.  It’s worth it to seek out the pastry shop, as so many other pita pilgrims do.

Damascus Bread & Pastry

195 Atlantic Avenue between Court and Henry Streets

Cobble Hill, Brooklyn



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