New Discoveries

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The 2005 Nigella Lawson recipes have taught me three things:  a) how to make the carrot ginger soup of my dreams via her beet and ginger soup recipe; b) you can’t find pomegranates in June, an unrealized attempt at her fruit salad; and c) I like brown rice in trying her brown rice and seaweed salad.  I’ve always been leery of brown rice due to years of Dojo’s and being doubled over in pain from their brown rice, but maybe I’ve been harsh to judge.  It’s Dojo’s, not brown rice.  A relief, because I really love the nuttiness of brown rice, and the squishy yet unyielding texture.  The salad itself is easy, especially when the rice is made ahead of time.  With the addition of Trader Joe’s Baked Savory Tofu, it’s the perfect healthy meal that doesn’t give me a stomach ache.

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